Our 7 Ways to Focus Green

Through our focus on seven key areas — energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management and recycling, sustainable  purchasing, environmental air quality, sustainable construction and redevelopment and education and awareness — we are setting the course for Alliance associates to work towards achieving our sustainability goals across our communities and offices nationwide.


Water Conservation

Ensuring our day-to-day operations are focused on conservation helps us preserve this vital natural resource, keep operating costs down and mitigate risk. Engaging our residents and helping them understand the need to use water responsibly is a crucial component.

Energy Efficiency

Through energy audits and efficiency upgrades to lighting, mechanical items and other areas, Alliance communities are controlling operating expenses, seeing positive financial returns and using less energy.

Waste Management & Recycling

We encourage less use overall, and reusing or repurposing materials whenever possible. This helps divert trash from landfills and incinerators, while lowering disposal costs.

Sustainable Purchasing

The goods we purchase to operate our properties and offices have inherent social and environmental impacts. Alliance has partnered with a variety of vendors — such as HD Supply’s Ideally Green Department and Give Something Back Office Supplies — to “green” our purchasing efforts.

Sustainable Construction & Redevelopment

A component of our business is construction of both new and existing product. Traditional construction practices impact our eco-systems through energy/water/raw material consumption, waste generation and machinery emissions (i.e., GHGs and VOCs). To mitigate this impact, our approach includes following LEED and NAHB Green standards, and managing waste through onsite recycling.

Education & Awareness

Resident and employee awareness is key to ensuring our efforts are successful. We encourage associates to engage with our Focus Green curriculum and other sustainability training programs, and strive to constantly improve resident awareness through events and property-wide efforts requiring their participation.

Environmental Air Quality

A healthy environment — both indoor and outdoor — serves the best interests of our planet, residents and associates. From cleaning products and materials used in our apartment homes to landscaping and pest-control practices, Alliance communities strive to choose materials and products that are eco-friendly.